Our results have been significant for both lead generation-conversion clients and for ecommerce-retail clients. Both require efficiently getting our ads in front of the right people in large scale, and then getting those people to respond and move through the persuasion process to a sale in one channel or another. While cross-channel attribution is always a challenge, Vincodo can integrate with online and offline analytic tools plus has developed some unique methodologies to help capture offline sales generated by online advertising.

Help Us Increase Leads And Stop The ROI Bleeding

Our Fortune 500 client saw their lead volume stagnate while Cost Per Sale increased by 100% over two years. Their existing agency claimed it was competitive forces, nothing they could do. What did Vincodo do?

  • Took campaign off algorithmic bidding and managed manually via SEM technology platform
  • Restructured campaign and extrapolated keyword set
  • Honed campaign for efficiency and positioned more competitively
  • Added new product categories with significant cross-sell potential
  • Developed geo-targeting quintile-based models that improved conversion rate and maximized sales
  • Increased volume of sales overall by 40% lower lowering Cost Per Sold by 30%

Our ROI Is Great! How Can Our Campaign Be Underperforming?

Our client, a leader in health services, had a successful paid search campaign that they believed was operating successfully with modest volume gains annually. Opportunity appeared to exist for growth, but the client was completely sure. What did Vincodo do?

  • We initiated 90 days proof of concept test to grow leads by 10% and lower lead cost by 10%
  • Restructured campaign and extrapolated keyword set
  • Integrated with SEM platform to track performance from Lead to Sale
  • Transitioned away from one-page landing page to a 5-page microsite
  • Integrated and effectively tracked phone calls back to media dollars spent
  • Developed geo-targeted radius strategy to reduce unqualified lead capture
  • Reduced excessive bids while maintaining same relative positioning
  • Effectively lowered Cost Per Lead by 50% while increasing media spend by 35%

Our Paid Search Agency Told Us To Stop Doing Paid Search

One of the largest national retailers in its category struggled to identify the value of paid search because the vast majority of e-commerce supported sales happened at storefront, not online. Their campaign was built out on brand terms only, as non-brand terms didn’t produce necessary ROAS goal. When asked to expand the campaign and deliver on ROAS goals, their agency told them it couldn’t be done and that Paid Search wouldn’t generate sales. What did Vincodo do?

  • Restructured campaign and extrapolated keyword set to 1M keywords
  • Integrated with SEM platform to track sales performance
  • Conducted classic market test in 6 markets, spending $100K on Paid Search in those markets only
  • 90 day test identified same store sale increases of 1% to 1.5% within test markets
  • Implemented eReceipt process at storefront, allowing for tangible identification of search sales at store
  • Developed attribution model to intelligently account for untracked in-store sales
  • Grew paid search media spend from $40k/mo to $1.5M/mo within ROAS target in just one year

We’ve Fired Three Agencies Before You. Are You Next On Chopping Block?

A specialty ecommerce-only Internet Retailer 500 client has consistently failed to move the needle on paid search. They had fired three agencies in two years as results got progressively worse. Organic search was fueling the business to breakeven status, but to grow they needed Paid Search to be ROI effective. What did Vincodo do?

  • Restructured campaign and extrapolated keyword set to 200k keywords
  • Integrated with SEM platform to track sales performance and stop reliance on flawed Google tracking
  • Optimized landing pages to more relevant sub-category pages to improve conversion rates
  • Implemented combination Ad Copy and Bidding strategy to extract greatest return on sales promos
  • Moved bid optimization effort from Ad Group level to Keyword level
  • Employed expansive negative matching strategy to improve Broad match Quality Scores
  • Resulted in 125% YoY growth in channel sales while improving ROAS by 25%