Acquire New Customers At Your Desired Cost Per Lead

The generation of identifiable consumer interest or inquiry into products or services is a mission critical process. Through Vincodo’s network of lead generation partners, we have access to millions of online users each day that share their personal information and interest in promotional offerings.

We work across all digital channels (plus interface with offline channels) optimizing the cost per lead relative to the lead quality and ultimately lifetime value.

  • Search
  • Display (CPM, CPC and CPA)
  • Lead Aggregators
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Cost Per Action Email
  • Pay Per Call

We apply best practices with our media partners to ensure all leads are Qualified Leads

Leads To Consumers Process

Many marketers fail in the Lead Generation game by not considering the entire leads-to-customer map. Most new leads are not ready to buy yet; they require nurturing through conversion marketing. Vincodo helps increase your conversion rate by avoiding common acquisition pitfalls, helping you hone the sales model by lead source and establishing a total conversion plan which may include:

  • Data validation before accepting and paying for leads
  • Performance evaluation at the lead source level
  • An email follow-up strategy
  • Outreach contact timeline and approach
  • Staffing considerations for inbound and outbound telephone calls

Most organizations only see things from one perspective and one core offer. With Vincodo as your partner, not only can you increase volume through the packaging of multiple offers in multiple channels, but optimizing to the lead quality across those offers.

Contact us to help you find that right combination of quantity and quality leads.