Getting Optimized Results With Display Banners?

Digital media buying is undergoing a seismic change. Where there were once legions of junior staff managing relationship-based buys, there are now sophisticated real-time bidding technologies. Using software to help make data-driven buying decisions, Vincodo’s team buyers has embraced programmatic media buying for its clients to improve targeting, mitigate waste, buy more efficiently, and deliver better results.

Programmatic Display Advertising

The automation of access to targeting data and real time bidding on user impressions has changed the face of display advertising. A medium that was once on the decline and shunned by traditional advertisers as unproductive is now a growing source of prospects and customers with acquisition costs justified by measurable performance.

Vincodo has integrated multiple leading DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, Ad Servers plus Fraud Control technologies into a customer platform giving us the ability to deliver superior direct response results that is ROI justified. In addition to custom reporting, data can be exported to and integrated with Clients’ databases and analytics tools.

While automation is becoming a theme in programmatic, Vincodo understands the value of human elements in analytics and optimization in an ever-changing competitive bidding environment.  With viewability, site quality, ad formats and more, there a multiple ways to optimize that the require personal touch.

Media Planning

Traditional media buys still have their place, whether it be executed programmatically or directly with the media provider.  Digital media can deliver high impact as well as reach through precise targeting and engaging creative. Planning how, when and where to deliver the message plus how much is both art and science.

  • Identifying and understanding your prospects and target audiences
  • Understanding the media marketplace and current trend
  • Establishing baseline metrics and KPIs for each display medium
  • Creative requirements, ad size and format decisions
  • Media provider selection
  • Device, location and day-part selection

Digital is not necessarily an independent element of your media plan. The role of digital media depends on the size of the TV, direct mail and other parts of the campaign.  The Vincodo team understands how banner advertising integrates with other mediums and we can help your organization effectively attribute performance back to each medium.


Any well-executed display campaign should include a smart remarketing strategy using the clients proprietary  first-party data as a competitive advantage.  Advertisers have come to learn that prospective customers don’t always make a purchase or submit an inquiry upon their first visits.  Remarketing has been embraced by the majority of advertisers, but many are still executing poorly.

Add some tags to your website, create a highly segmented audience list and build a campaign that specifically targets that intended audience. Targeting is just part of it.  For successful results, it requires hands on management.

  • Frequency optimization is critical for both managing costs and bombarding people
  • Bid optimization is important facet in maximizing ROI
  • Relevant creative messaging based on where the customer is in the purchase cycle

This is one of your most important audiences of people whom signaled their intention with your brand.  Make the most of it and execute wisely.

Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the fastest-growing opportunities online today, as well as one of the most promising online advertising formats. Digital video is attractive to advertisers because, unlike with TV, only one viewer will be in front of the screen and they will not be distracted. Combined with programmatic buying capabilities, advertisers can also better select their target audience.

The biggest drawback for most advertisers is price.  Supply and demand has premium sites maintaining CPMs of $25 or higher. Low quality site can command upwards of $6 -$10 CPMs. Despite the high cost of entry, success can be achieved with ROI allowables. It takes a lot of targeting, focused bid and site optimization and constant application of fraud elimination.  And don’t forget…creative can make a big difference too.

Video ad formats are varied. Formats range from In-Stream to In-Banner to In-Text. Presentation can be pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll. Video players can be large, medium and small. Video ad functionality can be skippable or non-skippable. Each format has it own unique user engagement characteristic at its own unique CPM price point. But with programmatic tools, performance can be optimized towards desired KPIs.