Capture Your Share Of Searches At Your ROI Goal

Search Engines significantly influence how consumers learn about and connect to you (and your competitors) no matter what marketing forces or channels are stimulating interest and demand, or what channels are ultimately chosen by customers making purchases.

Vincodo is highly recognized for our expertise and results in SEM—fixing problems, growing volume, increasing ROI. We have been doing this since its inception and have managed a diversity of client campaigns since then. Now, we focus on growing, optimizing and protecting the search space for clients with mission critical needs getting them the most volume in highest engine position at the lowest cost possible.

SEM Analysis & Advisory Services

If you need help understanding your competitive position relative to the opportunity or strategies to help your internal team from point A or B to C, D, E and beyond, talk to us about a consulting engagement.

  • Audit, analyze and advise on identified problems.
  • Access opportunities and possible marketing strategies.
  • Better understand the data (what’s there and what is missing)
  • Provide solutions that you or your agency can implement.

Paid Search Campaign Management

We use the most advanced campaign management technology, analytics and bidding tools to optimize and scale clients’ paid search campaigns. We devour data in doing so including custom reporting integrated with our clients’ data. Vincodo is a licensed Kenshoo Agency partner and utilizes their SEM platform for many of our paid search campaigns. Vincodo also has proprietary database and search technology that gives us a competitive edge.

  • Full campaign management of your paid (PPC) search advertising.
  • Development of account structure, keyword selection, match-types and ad copy.
  • Strategic advisement on landing page optimization.
  • Diligent bid management and optimization with focus on ROI achievement.
  • Customized reporting to specific business.
  • Access to latest advanced search management technologies.

Local Search and Internet Yellow Pages (IYP)

The top reason for local search is to find a specific business. The second most common reason is a category search to find a business with the product or service desired. Mobile growth is having a tremendous impact on Local Search. Nearly 80 percent of local searches on mobile devices turned into purchases, mostly in a physical store (73 percent) or on the phone (16 percent) vs. online (11 percent). While time varies by category and degree of consideration, roughly three-fourths of those purchases happened the same day and most within a few hours.

  • Integrate Local Search with geographic paid search campaigns
  • Manage local listings and location data feeds to key directories and engines
  • Claim locations in Google+, Yahoo and other key listing sites
  • Local visitor traffic tracking and reporting
  • Select and manage best in class providers to enhance listing accuracy and visibility

In 2014 Google launched Google My Business which replaced Google+ Local. Google My Business has more features and connects with AdWords to make for greater integration with other channels.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our clients receive the greatest return when we tie a strong paid search campaign with solid organic visibility. Vincodo provides limited SEO services as a normal part of our SEM engagements. When more in depth or extensive work is needed we bring in outside experts that we have worked with over the years to supplement our in-house team. These can be engaged directly or under the Vincodo umbrella, billing and project management.

Certified Agency Partner

google-partner-logoWe are a designated Google Partner agency and have been recognized as growing our clients into the highest SEM spend per client of any agency in our class. You don’t have a big budget to start, but we like to see a critical need or a big potential.