Gain Deeper Insights By Integrating Your Web Analytics

Vincodo strives to create a culture that values data, ensuring that key business decisions are data-driven, and consistently finding ways to drive data deeper into the DNA of your business. The ability to manage successful campaigns requires strong data analysis—human and technological capabilities. Our data skills are a huge asset to our clients.

Analytics Custom To Your Business Needs

We create a solid analytics plan that takes your business model into account and develops a set of metrics that maps to your unique needs and buying funnel.

  • Defining your metrics and developing a plan
  • Obtaining and integrating the tools needed to use the data
  • Setting up the data collection process (impressions, clicks, page views, leads, sales and other metrics)
  • Structuring and managing a customized data warehouse
  • Developing reporting features and capabilities
  • Ongoing analysis and implementation

Start by evaluating your current data state, what metrics you should be tracking, and what cultural impact adding data to your process is likely to have. Clients rely on Vincodo to both enhance and supplement their internal data and analytics capabilities. Often we can perform faster, better and cheaper than internal IT or scarce analytic resources.

Cross-Channel and Cross-Device Attribution

Attribution methodologies, range from simple heuristic multi-touch attribution to algorithm-based logistic regression and predictive models. Individually, these statistical models have strengths and weaknesses; a one size fits all algorithm can be inaccurate, limiting and ultimately less effective. We work with clients to help make sure the model fits both the business and the media. We also work with clients’ third party attribution technology providers and other online and offline agencies to assure quality data in, quality data out and quality data-driven decision. Vincodo unites your data into a single source that your team will use to make data actionable and increase ROI.

Collecting, analyzing and processing data in real-time provides visibility into what combinations of strategies and tactics drive the best results. Analyzing the synergy of multiple channels helps us optimize for a more effective media mix. And if you are using offline media such as DRTV, we can help you determine the specific impact and overall lift DRTV it can contribute to online conversion behavior. We identify a baseline, determine short and long term DRTV spot impact and provide granular media analysis required for better strategic planning.

We are getting closer and closer to the point where Advertisers can analyze their entire media mix including display, search, social, mobile, online video, radio and TV within media agnostic platforms to quickly identify where results are coming from and then optimize their campaigns to achieve the best performance.